Metronix — 2019



Monitor servo controller with an innovative mobile app.



Metronix develops universal servo controllers that are used flexibly in automation systems with a wide variety of controllers and motors. The challenge was to design an app that makes the control of servo controllers mobile, simple and fast.


Lead Design, UX Consulting, Concept, Interface Design, Prototyping

Workshops and scribbles


In workshops, initial concept ideas and drafts were put on paper. A great ideation atmosphere developed in which all stakeholders contributed their ideas and suggestions.


Iterations, detailed design and wireframes

For rapid iteration of concepts, several variants were developed in wireframes, discarded and further refined. This method turned out to be very efficient and satisfactory for the individual functions and use cases.


Interface design

A modern, simple and clear design approach was iterated and refined throughout the design process. This developed into a sustainable design system that can be used for other apps in the future.


High-fidelity prototype 

To show how the developed concept and design approach felt, a high-fidelity prototype was developed. From these generated ideas and feedback rounds, further iteration was done to produce the finished product.

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