NVV Case study — 2019



Making getting around quick, easy and uncomplicated.



Getting around on public transport should be quick, easy and uncomplicated. Mobile apps offer the user the possibility to navigate quickly and to have traffic plans always at hand. In addition, buying tickets becomes child's play. The analysis shows that it's not always that simple, and what an appealing solution could look like.


Analysis, Research, Concept, Interface Design

Usability analysis

Through the constant use of the NVV app, I have already noticed some weaknesses and inconsistencies in advance, which I would like to explain further in the following examples.

The quick search for connections directly after starting the app is made difficult by the fact that you first have to stretch your thumb as far as it will go to enter the start and destination. The heatmap illustrates the natural position of the thumb as well as the comfortable and uncomfortable touch range.


Consistency, affordance and similar problems

A detailed analysis of the existing app revealed even more weaknesses. Opaque navigation structures, no consistency of UI elements and insufficient information for the user to clarify the system status of the app. Basically, a uniform design or consistent use of colors, icons and fonts is missing.


Styleguide and design

To create a clear design for the app, I analyzed the colors of the NVV corporate design and used them consistently in the corresponding screen designs. The consistent use of the same colors for the same functions creates a unified design language and orderly user experience. Pixel grids and layout definitions help the screen design to create consistent interfaces.



The mockups show the seamless, beautiful and simple design of the new NVV app. Public transport should be simple and fast, not only analog but also digital.


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