Siemens — 2018



Rethinking the work with powerful engines.



A powerful engine is also part of a powerful machine. To ensure the performance of a motor in the long term, motors should be started as gently and economically as possible to achieve a clean result. With the Siemens STS app, a platform has been created to find the right soft starter for the right motor.


Lead Design, UX Consulting, Concept, Interface Design

Concepts and wireframes

After an extensive analysis of the current Siemens STS app prototype has been conducted, the first usability findings have been classified and prioritized. On this basis, new design approaches and concepts were defined.


Interface design

The design is based on the Newton style of Siemens AG. Specially developed components and UI controls improve the usability and affordance in the daily use with the machines.


New iconset

The created icon set fits seamlessly into the Newton style guide and makes it easier for users to get an overview of functions and information. The app icon acts as an entry point into the new world of soft starters and fulfills the requirements of Siemens AG's corporate design.


Welcome to the siemens familiy

With a focus on material design, the app was developed for Android and iOS. Care was taken to use native UI controls in the appropriate context to meet users' expectations.


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